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PMA 2020: Legislation

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UPDATED 3/18/11
HF 200/SF 347 has passed the House Health and Human Services Reform Committee, the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, and the House Health and Human Services Finance Committee! Thank you so much to all of our Minnesota advocates who have called or emailed their legislators or come to the Capitol in person in the last two weeks! We will keep you updated on opportunities for you to support this legislation as we continue moving forward.

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Emery, Advocacy Coordinator, Alzheimer's Association.

By phone: 952-857-0547

By email: jim.emery@alz.org


HF 200/SF 347 calls upon the state of Minnesota to collect data regarding

1) rates and results of cognitive screening;

2) rates of Alzheimer's and other dementia diagnoses; and

3) prescribed care and treatment plans.


The bill further calls for cost analyses to be done regarding

1) earlier identification of Alzheimer's and other dementias;

2) improved support of family caregivers; and

3) improved collaboration between medical care management and community-based supports.


The latest version of the bill can be read here: H0200DE1-2.pdf

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