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Health and Health Care Expert Team

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Co-Chair: Riley McCarten, MD, Director, U of MN Fairview Memory Clinic

Co-Chair: George Schoephoerster, MD, Family Physician, Geriatric Services of MN

Team Members: Michelle Barclay; Maria Cofrancesco; Patti Cullen; Susan Czapiewski, MD; Carol Feldheim; Bret Haake, MD; Gayle Hallin; Kate Houston; Faten Khoury; Barb Keigan; Jeff Maloney; Olivia Mastry; Lynne Morishita, GNP; Tanya Rand; Lynn Rohman; Stan Smith, MD; Susan Sommers; April Stadtler; Jill Spain Yanish; Adine Stokes; John Thomas, MD; Donna Walberg

Staff: Jan Mueller; John Selstad, Jenna Bowman


The Health and Health Care expert team will focus on understanding the results of healthcare reform at both the state and national level and the implications of reform for clinical delivery and financing options for Alzheimer’s disease care. The team will use existing and new evidence regarding opportunities to improve both quality of outcomes and efficiency through reforms targeted on dementia rather than health care generally. The team will develop findings and make recommendations regarding the following:


  • Describing how health care homes can best work with care partners and community-based supports.
  • Identifying the optimal sizing and functional distinctions between the roles of primary care physicians and specialty diagnostic and care centers.
  • Articulating the potential role and impact of palliative and hospice care.
  • Exploring primary care physician/Alzheimer’s care diagnosis centers.
  • Articulating the financial rationales for state investment in current poorly funded—but key—elements of a more effective system.
  • Delineating the cost to individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (especially early onset) and their families.
  • Providing a savings forecast for dementia competency.
  • Envisioning how Minnesota can become the place where the care of all co-existing health conditions and wellness goals are made more effective by clinical understanding of how the individual’s cognitive status and care partner status fit together.


To view meeting materials and resources, go to the Navigator box on the right side of your screen, and select "Pages" or "Files" under the Health and Health Care Expert Team folder.

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